Day 10 Thursday 22nd September

Ok, day for the clips out. Appointment made at the local surgery at11.50 am. Remember I was a little concerned with one of the wounds? It was the incision that the drain had come out of, and over the last couple of days a fair bit more fluid had built up behind the dressing. As the dressings are like cling film, it was bulging out slightly, like a big blister. It wasn’t hurting, and I don’t feel unwell at all- quite the contrary, I am still feeling great.

So a young man called me in and asked me to lie down on the……well not really a couch, but neither an operating table- sort of a cross between the two. All the dressings come off apart from the dodgy one. Then he said this may be a little uncomfortable. Why is it when a nurse says that you know its going to bloody hurt?

Anyway, it was a bit like plucking big splinters from out of your finger- except these were metal staples out of your guts! It hurt a bit, but I’m a big ninny when it comes to things like that. I am sure men made of sterner stuff would have said it tickled.

Then came the dodgy dressing- it came off without hurting, and it was cleaned and redressed with a conventional dressing. There was no smell of corruption, as C.S. Forester graphically describes in some of the more gory passages of the Hornblower books. I’ve been given a replacement to redress tomorrow, and to report back if it is leaking profusely. I was a little concerned about this so when arrived home I phoned the expert practice nurse at Bristol. She was very reassuring. Apparently the drain wound can leak a bit after- and it’s much better for the fluid to come out than stay in. So long as I am feeling OK, and the wound doesn’t get too red and hot, then it can wait till Monday for inspection when the catheter comes out.

So further great progress.  I have walked around the block again, and Sal drove me to Usk to visit the butcher. Now going to go with Sal to walk the irascible hound. (By the way, he dug up the canes holding the clematis again- nothing worse for the garden then a canine feeling left out!!)

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