Day 11 | Sunday 28th July 2013

Breakfast 8am – poor, stale bread and horrible scrambled egg.

Amber picks us up and takes – Ed, bob, Matt, Keith and myself to the private metropolitan hospital to see Peter Croke.

Chris has bought a get well card that we all sign.

Pete seemed in good spirits. Can now stand up on crutches. Due to fly home Monday with KLM business class . Had a look at his knee – 5cm gap between knee cap and tendon.

We then get Keith seen in the emergency room as he has been feeling unwell for 48 hours – neck pains, and concerned about his neck lump. Doctors unsure of diagnosis. We leave after 2 hours, as Keith is not fit to climb the next mountain and will go to rumiloma after he is discharged.

Back to hotel, after being picked up by ossy. meet others, and go to rumiloma.

Wynne (chest infection) and John off to rainforest, Chris is planning to relax at rumiloma.

The other 8 climbers decide to set off for a 4th mountain, Cayambe, the third highest mountain in Ecuador. This will involve a 3 hour journey north of Quito.

We hear by text via Nigel, that Keith’s Ultrsound shows a multi-cystic goitre of the thyroid.

2-30pm Keith discharged and has gone to the cloud forest with Wynne, john and Chris.

Diagnosis. Thyroid cyst that expanded / ruptured on. Cotopaxi . Lucky Peter slipped and fell otherwise it would have expanded further as he climbed and could have blocked his airway!

At 2pm passed the equator and then had a meal at El cafe de la vaca – double hamburger and cheese. Huge meal.

Amazing journey from restaurant to lodge on Cayambe – most dangerous road I’ve been on. Huge potholes. Huge drops on either side. Feeling sick as ride so bumpy after my huge burger.
Bus for most of the journey. Bus did three point turn over huge drop with us in it! Wife of driver tested the cliff to make sure ok! Rest of the journey was by three 4×4 vehicles.

Arrived at lodge – Patricio (bob guide) – came back from Chimborazo today – impossible to get from hut 1 to hut 2. 80 mph winds – and raining rocks!!

Very windy at cayambe – at moment 6pm – seems very unlikely that we’ll be walking.
Wait and see time, 1 degree outside.

Power failed in lodge. Headlight during meal – didn’t eat much. Very cold and barren place – a bit like the hotel in the shining!

Bed by 7pm – cold (no heating in cabin), everyone anxious and tired.

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