Day 2 post operation Wednesday 14th September

Beginning to get used to catheter- surprisingly easy once familiar with. Bit of fun with Sal last night trying to sort the night time set up- she had to keep getting up to make sure flowing into the night bag! OK once we got rid of the kinks. Everyone was phoning up last night to see how I was and wish me well- I have to confess I was very tired and probably didn’t appreciate their concern properly, but feeling so well today I will try and make up for it tonight. Painkillers now down to paracetamol only. Injecting the blood thinner was a bit of a struggle last night, but it was my first time. Should be easier tonight.

Otherwise slept really well last night and have taken it really easy today. I am easily mobile up and down stairs, to the loo, and around the house. It really is hard to beleive I had major surgery less than 48 hours ago. So far so good!!!

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