Day 3 Post Operation Thursday 15th September

Excellent night’s sleep and only half the palaver setting up the night drains- consequently Sal got a good night too! Feeling great, only gnawing ache in my midriff if I go over time with the paracetamol, but as soon as they kick in no issue at all. Wouldn’t go for a run yet but getting around the house fine. Had a shower and changed my dressings this morning- there are only 5 one inch slits with Rexel staples in them! Fantastic job!

Phoned my urology sister in Cardiff to let her know of progress and she was astounded at the rate of recovery. Also shifted my appointment with Prof Kynaston back as | am seeing Ed Rowe on the 28th with the full histology results on the prostate. Ed said on visual examination outside looked fine but obviously wants the full analysis before setting my hopes up- but given only one core out of ten with Gleason 6, I am hoping for the best. Need a PSA test before I go- with no prostate should be zero I would have thought. So I shall be taking my post operative care back to Cardiff, where Ihave to say, I have had the most fantastic treatment and understanding. I hate hearing people berate the health service. The care I have had in Cardiff and from the local GP could not have been bettered in any private environment, and the great thing is that everyone gets the same service regardless of wealth. In the States if you haven’t got insurance cover or the cash you don’t get the treatment. Of all the components of the Welfare State we can be well proud of our Health Service- a great legacy to the vision of Aneurin Bevan.

The only faux par is Wales lack of vision in investing in the latest technology. Ok so £1m (guess) for a machine is a lot of money, but only one nights hospital stay compared to 5 (I believe) for traditional surgery, less trauma to the patient, less risk of infection, and, OK so far, the final outcome has not yet proven to be better in terms of after affects, but not being a medical man it seems to me we are comparing the latest Ferrari technology with a Morris Minor. Sure, you put the Stig in the Morris Minor and he’ll still beat the Ferrari if it’s driven by Terry Wogan- but what about 2 good similarly skilled drivers?

Off the soap box now, be back tomorrow with more prostatic adventures with Dai John!

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