Day 4 | Sunday 21st July 2013

Rest Day.

Awoke 6am at Chilcabamba.

Lots of dreams – and waking up in the middle of them, typical of sleeping at altitude.  Dreamt I’d jumped off my bike going down a very steep hill- had no brakes – awoke up in cold sweat.

Lay in bed 6-7am writing this diary.

Breakfast, lovely porridge and poached eggs and  5 cups of coffee.

Morning activities:

Bob and Pete – stayed at Hacienda – 1 hr walk with dog.

The rest of the group went to hacienda El Porvenir, 20 mins bus in Cotopaxi National Park.

We were welcomed with cinnamon tea.  Bought a “spiderman alpaca hat’ $12.

Had 10 mins of free wifi.  Found out that Phil Mickelson had won the open golf Championship at Muirfield.

We all did different activities:

  • Sue and Christine (and Amber) went horseriding
  • Trekking – Ossy, wynne, john, eddie and chesh
  • Mountain Biking – Andy, martin, nigel, matt and keith.

We had good bikes – 29 er mountain bikes.  Tyres only half filled with air due to altitude and very rocky tracks / roads.  Excellent suspension needed on bikes too.

Mountain biking – 2 hours on rough roads.  Nigel and Matt set the pace up front. Martin not cycled for 15 years at back.  I helped Martin pull through, whilst taking pictures of the beautiful scenery at the same time.

Ossy predicted 3 hour ride – we made it in 1hr 55 mins. Very tough on hills – due to cobbles roads and loose stones. Very out of breath.

We had some more cinnamon tea and then all headed back for lunch at Chilcabamba.

I again missed Ossy’s team briefing meeting about the next day.)

3-4 pm afternoon chat – Bob, John, Sue and wynne.

Read book for 1 hour on bed – Harlan Coben new novel “seconds away’.

Late afternoon, took some beautiful photos of a clear Cotopaxi mountain.  It was a fantastic site to behold.

Packed for next day.  Three hour hike to illiniza norte.

Learnt from John (via Ossy) that Cotopaxi means – ‘neck of the moon’.

Lovely dinner.  Vegetable soup followed by steak and spaghetti. Sat next to Eddie and Matt – discussed Olympics drug cheats – proven and alleged.

Ossy had gone back to Quito to get our kit – helmets, crampons etc for the climbs to come.

Found out from Sue that Amber has visited 50 countries and speaks many languages including Russian.

Bed at 10-30pm.

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