Day 6 Sunday 17th September

All went well yesterday, my first real outing after the operation. The game was between Talywain youth and Croesyceiliog youth. Bit of a scrappy affair, but its good to see development at the roots of the game. Interesting new experience is judging the capacity of the catheter bag. Normally you feel you want to pee when your bladder fills up- no such clues with the bag strapped to your leg, so if you ever see a bloke furtively fondling his lower leg, odds on he’s got a catheter and he’s checking to see if he needs a pee! Was overcautious yesterday- went at half time to the clubhouse, a good 400 metre walk. A young man eyed me curiously, as I waited for the WC in-spite of the fact a urinal was free. When I got in it drained in about 8 seconds- a long walk for little delivery!

Gareth and Louise (my son and fiancee) came around for dinner, Sal trying out her new Tegine. Morrocan meatballs with soft eggs at the end- delicious. My appetite has returned to normal, although it was only slightly dimmed after the operation.

Need to change my dressings today. They are very new to me- sort of like clingfilm. Four of the five wounds seem to be healing up very well- bit of bruising around the outside but nothing of note. One of them is surrounded by red inflammation which seems to be spreading a bit. I’ll keep my eye on that one and alert the district nurse tomorrow if it continues to spread. Certainly no pain at all now, and haven’t taken pain killers for 24 hours. In terms of general mobility I am feeling near 100%. Walked a fair way yesterday at the game, together with the round the block jaunt. Tired when I got home though, and had forty winks on the settee before dinner- unheard of normally.

So still everything progressing famously. Next milestones are staples out (Thursday), and then catheter out (next Monday back at Bristol), so rather than bore you all with mundane routine I shall blog next when something of note, or amusement, occurs.

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