Day 6 | Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Awoke at 3-20am. Not a great night of sleep. Headache and very dehydrated – paracetamol and fluid taken on board.

Got organized in dark with headlight on.

Breakfast 4-15m: coffee, yogurt and museli and small bread rolls with jam.

John Edwards and Peter Croke decided not to do the climb.. Peter Croke had a very bad night sleep and had a bad neck he could’nt shake off.

11 climbers therefore set off for our second peak.

It was a very windy day with 50mph gusts. It was deemed just safe enough to climb.

We left the hut at 5am in the dark with headlights on.

It was a great climb, with a lot of variety. It took 3 hours to reach the summit, arrived 8-06am.
Combination of climbing with ropes (1st time), walking on the edge of precipices with severe drops.
We had beautiful views above the clouds and saw Cotopaxi, iliniza south and Chimborazo.

Amber saw a full ‘circular rainbow’.

It was a small peak – but we all managed to fit on for a team photo.

Eddie, Bob and myself thought it was the best climbing experience we had done, with much more variety than Kilimanjaro. Didn’t feel too bad doing the climb – not too out of breath.

Had food and descended back to hut via the scree. Arrived back 10-30am.

Great achievement, everyone on a high.

Had more food back at the hut and then walked 1.5 hours back down the mountain to the bus. Felt very tired at this point and my knees began to ache. I also had a headache.

Back on the bus, martin books the best seat on bus again in germanic style, then goes and sunbathes outside waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Bus journey back to Cotopaxi National park and our new hotel (2.5 hours).

Bit of a dogfight over rooms – 9 bed and 8 bed rooms – combo bunks and single beds. 5 in ours – Bob , Wynne, Matt, Martin and me. John and Chris upgrade to a room with 2 queen beds at $20 each.

A little celebration drink in the bar – Ossy gives a talk on Cotopaxi – our next challenge in 2 days time. There will be teams of 3, a guide and 2 climbers.

Shower, shave then dinner 6pm. Poor food – quantity and quality. Fish. Pudding – small piece of cheese and figs (had 3 of them).

Bed by 8-30pm,. Read a book with headlight on whilst everyone slept.

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