Day 8 | Thursday 25th July

Breakfast at tombopaxi.

Weather bad today at Cotopaxi. Very cloudy on mountain and light rain at tombopaxi.

Drove by bus to Jose Rives hut at 12 midday.

Bus dropped us off in car park, and we had to walk 45 mins up the scree in the driving snow and hailstones – got wet.

Big hut – could sleep 100. Ossy manages the hut.

Found some beds, dumped our kit. Very cold hut , no fires, toilets outside in the freezing weather.

Have dinner – Ossy tells us its ‘touch and go’ whether we will climb Cotopaxi – due to the bad weather that is forecast.

John stays in Tombopaxi – has his own guide to take him on some lower reach walks. Amber goes back to Quito to sign contracts with ‘Goegraphical’ a large San Francisco organization.

Bed at 8pm after a fish dinner. Cramped cold accommodation in my Alp Kit sleeping bag from Kilimanjaro. It was a very windy night. Everyone wakes at 11-30pm as planned with severe doubts about whether we will climb Cotopaxi.

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