Awareness talks

As part of Prostate Cymru’s public education initiative to increase awareness of prostate disease, we offer awareness talks to workplaces, rotary, social and sports clubs to help men learn more about healthy habits and early detection of prostate disease.

Our team of volunteers keep sessions entertaining but informative, often sharing their own personal experiences of how prostate cancer and prostate problems have affected their lives.

Men can be notoriously cagey about health issues, but knowing the facts is important. Everyone is encouraged to attend the talks, whatever age, men and women. Men, learn about the risk and what action to take if worried about a prostate problem, women and younger attendees get the vital information to pass on to family and friends who need to know the facts.

By the end of the talk you will be better able to understand the level of risk, the importance of regular health checks and the early symptoms to look out for.

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