Pre Op Tests

Generally went OK apart from one major hiccup. First time we had been to Bristol Southmead and it was quite difficult to find. Then, when we got there, there was no where to park, so I arrived stressed out. Enough adrenalin to do credit to an international player just before kickoff. Consequently blood pressure much higher than usual. Went through all the other tests- ECG, Bloods, weight, height and interminable questionnaires, then back to blood pressure again. Gone down a bit but still not in the no problem zone. Then had a chat with the anesthetist, who wasn’t that concerned. I run about 3 miles every morning, and the only stress in my life at the moment is this bloody prostate. Popping down to the GP this afternoon hopefully chilled out! So, learning is boys, when going for pre op check arrive early and chilled out!

Operation is now a week on Monday.  I am understandably anxious as it is a major procedure and have never had anything done like this before. Broken nights sleep last night, but I am trying to put my fears into a box that analysis the alternatives. Also rationalising the statistics, which are on my side. Won’t blog again now until day before op to let you know how I feel.

Cheers all.


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