Route Information...

Please find below the route planner for this years Big Walk Event. We have strategically distributed comfort breaks and sustenance stops. Download a PDF at the bottom of the page.

SHORT ROUTE – (13 MILES) Steps 1 – 19

Leave the Principality Stadium, Cardiff (Gate 3) and turn left onto Westgate Street on the left-hand side.

Join Cowbridge Road on left-hand side.

Just past the turning for Cathedral Road, cross road at the (PC) towards the right-hand side of Cowbridge Road.

Stay on right hand side through Canton until you pass Victoria Park and reach Lloyds Bank.

Cross the road to left hand side at the (PC) and walk through Ely as far as Culverhouse Cross.

At Culverhouse Cross use the (PC), (S), (R) – Busy Roundabout, four separate crossings.

Stay on left hand side leaving Cardiff until you get to the village St Nicholas.

Use (PC) and cross the road to the right-hand side.

Carry on walking through St Nicholas, passing Cottrell Golf Club.

Stay on right hand side through Bonvilston until just before The Old Post & The Aubrey Arms.

Cross the A48 (NPC) to the left-hand side to reach our first recommended rest stop (RS), (S), (R) – No Pedestrian Crossing & busy road.

The Old Post & The Aubrey Arms – Joint recommended rest stops.

There’s a lane behind The Aubrey Arms – take this lane as it reduces the distance that we will be walking on the A48 with no pavement (S).

Rejoin the A48 from the lane, there is no pavement so all walkers will have to walk on the left-hand side grass verge (S), (R) – Stay in single file throughout all non-pavement areas, stay as close as you can to the left-hand side of large grass verge.

Stay on left hand side until the Bryn Owain pub.

Take the lane behind the restaurant, which will narrow into a small path through the trees. This reduces the distance we’ll be walking on the A48 with no pavement. (S), (R) – Path can be rocky and uneven in certain parts.

You’ll eventually come out of the trees onto the main road going into Cowbridge town.

Stay on left hand side into Cowbridge.

Duke of Wellington, Cowbridge – Short Route finish line & (RS) recommended rest stop.

LONG ROUTE – (26 MILES) Steps 20 – 29

Continue through Cowbridge and take a left and head for the A48.

At Pentre Meyrick, there is no pavement for 1/2 mile so use the left-hand side verge (S), (R) – Stay in single file throughout all non-pavement areas, stay as close as you can to the left-hand side of large grass verge.

Pavement starts again after 1/2 mile.

As you drop down onto Crack Hill there is no pavement. All walkers to stay on the left-hand side grass verge up to where the road forks at The Golden Well (S), (R) – Small non-pavement area before we reach The Golden Well, stay on left hand side grass verge or in single file.

Take the left hand fork at The Golden Well towards Corntown & Ewenny. Stay on the right-hand side of the road – no pavement for about 1 mile.

Stay on right-hand pavement through Corntown & Ewenny.

In Ewenny, turn right and walk back up towards the A48 on the right hand pavement of Ewenny Road.

Heronston Hotel – recommended rest stop (RS).

Cross at (PC) at Ewenny roundabout to join the A48 and head towards Pyle.

Stay on the left-hand side all the way to Porthcawl/Stormy roundabout Cross at the roundabout (NPC) and take a left through the small lane that will lead you back onto Stormy on left hand side. (S), (R) – No pedestrian crossing at roundabout and directed by marshall through lane.

Cross the road (NPC) at Sun Trade Windows & Georgies Diner to the right-hand side and carry on walking to Pyle (S), (R) – Very busy road).

Carry on walking on the right-hand side until you reach The Garden Centre in Pyle.

Cross the road (NPC) at The Garden Centre & carry on walking towards Pyle Cross (S).

At Pyle Cross use the (PC). Turn right and stay on the left-hand pavement, heading up through Kenfig Hill (S).

Walk up through Kenfig Hill and take a left by Geezers Barber Shop.

You have now arrived at Kenfig Hill RFC, Bridgend the Long Route finish line.