Well Man Talks...

Workplace & Organisation Awareness Programme...

We carry out talks to groups both small and large aiming to give you an informative, professional yet light-hearted insight into Prostate Cancer – the biggest killer of men in the UK.

We know that awareness really makes a difference, helping men identify symptoms and take action.

“We have been very pleased at the positive responses received from Jehu staff and those of our sub contractors…we have anecdotal knowledge of several positive actions taken as a result of the talks”

Bernie Mark
CSR & Training Coordinator, Jehu Group

What is the talk about?
General Health & Wellbeing
Location and function of the prostate gland
Diseases that affect the prostate
Symptoms of prostatic disease
How to reduce the risk of getting the disease
PSA Testing
Treatment options

Who are the talks aimed at?
The answer is everyone!

Knowing the various risks are something that anyone can benefit from. We know that our talks have helped men identify symptoms and have encouraged men to speak to their GP. Of course we do not leave women out – we know that the facts that are learnt by women at these presentations will get passed back to friends and family!

What are the talk logistics?
The talks are interactive as well as informative, balancing humour with hard facts to make them entertaining as well as impactful. They can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. We can adapt the talks to any kind of environment be it your workplace, sports and social club or community groups.

There is no charge for talks held within Wales.

So what’s in it for your employees?
Education on general health and wellbeing
Facts highlighting the dangers of prostate cancer
A recommended set of actions so that men can make balanced decisions about their own health
The strong possibility of potentially saving men’s lives given early detection

And what is in it for you as an organisation?
Meeting a corporate, social responsibility towards your employees – an area of responsible business practice that can be integrated your business model.
An opportunity to educate your workforce – showing care in regards to the entire team’s health and well-being

If you are interested and wish to take advantage of these talks or would like further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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