Treatment Options…

There are many treatment options for prostate cancer.
Your options will depend on several factors, including;

a) your age

b) your general fitness

c) the extent of your cancer – whether its early or advanced

The possible options include…

• Active surveillance
• Radiotherapy – external beam, brachytherapy
• Surgery to remove the whole prostate gland – a radical prostatectomy
(performed via open surgery, laparoscopically or via a da Vinci robot in some centres)
• Cryotherapy
• HIFU – high intensity focused ultrasound
• Hormone therapy – tablets or injections
• Chemotherapy

Your treatment choices will be discussed by a team of doctors and nurses,
a multi-disciplinary cancer team, prior to your consultation. This team includes 
surgeons, cancer doctors, radiology doctors, a pathologist and specialist and nurses.

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