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Who Is At Risk?

Risk factors which may increase your chances of developing prostate cancer are:


Prostate cancer mainly affects men at 50 years old and the risk increases with age. The most common age to be diagnosed with prostate cancer is between 66-69 years old. The risk of being diagnosed under the age of 50 is low, however it is possible.


Family History

Prostate cancer runs in families, indicating that there could be an inherited or genetic factor. Having a father, uncle, or brother with prostate cancer doubles the risk of you developing the disease. The risk is greater if several relatives have been known to of developed prostate cancer particularly at a young age


The risk of prostate cancer is higher in black men and they are twice as likely to die from the disease. It appears they develop a more aggressive type of prostate cancer than white men. Tumours tend to start at an early age and spread more quickly. Research indicates that genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors all play a part.

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