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A cheque for £3000 has been presented to Simon Moffett, representing Pembrokeshire Friends of Prostate Cymru, by Julia Horton-Powdrill.

‘After my husband, Brian, died from this disease I became keen to support Prostate Cymru,’ said Julia. ‘It was frightening to learn that one in eight men will be diagnosed with the disease and one man every hour will die from it. I want to encourage women to keep an eye on the men in their lives: their husband, partner or lover, father, brother or son. We need to persuade all of them, over the age of 50 to have a simple, painless PSA test.’

Julia decided to raise funds to support Prostate Cymru by publishing a novel she was just completing. ‘It’s not about cancer at all. ‘Single or Double?’ is set in Pembrokeshire and follows the lives of people who live in Porthcwm and the whacky goings-on, the weird romances and strange behaviour of this seaside town’s inhabitants.’

‘I had amazing support with editing, proof-reading, cover design, leaflet design, banner production and website building from so many wonderful people. They all have a personal thankyou in the book acknowledgements.’

Julia also had great reviews from two best-selling authors: Katie Fforde said, ‘It is a wonderful uplifting read from and exciting new talent’; Judy Astley said, ‘The craziest collection of characters in a thoroughly good fun story’.

All the proceeds from this book are donated to Prostate Cymru. It is available as an e-book on Amazon and directly from the author www.porthcwm.co.uk

Prostate Cymru is the leading charity in Wales working medical professionals in the fight against all prostate diseases, benign and malignant, procuring equipment and raising awareness in Wales.

Prostate Cymru’s aim is to ensure that all men in Wales have equal access to tests, treatments, knowledge and support www.prostatecymru.com

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