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Dentist to take challenges by the teeth for Prostate Cymru

After prostate cancer affected Gareth Jones’s family, he decided to take on a staggering number of events this year in order to help fundraise for Prostate Cymru.

Gareth decided that this year he was going to help fundraise for Prostate Cymru after his dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Over the next year he will be taking part in an incredible seven events including two half marathons, three marathons, cycling the North Coast 500, and 54 miles from Durban to Pietermaritzburg on foot in one day.

Talking about his fundraising Gareth said, ‘I did a static bike ride last summer for Prostate Cymru via the Monmouth Rotary Club.  We have raised money for various charities over the 8.5 years that I’ve had the practice and the plan is that with my athletic endeavours in the next year and a half or so we will support Prostate Cymru.’

Gareth Jones is also helping raise awareness by distributing information about Prostate Cymru in Monmouth Dental Practice.

With prostate cancer affecting 1 in 8 men in Wales it’s fantastic to see people thinking of different ways to help raise awareness, as well as taking on exceptional challenges to fundraise for Prostate Cymru.

Check out our events page to see some of the exciting events we’ve got coming up and if you would like to arrange your own fundraising event contact us [email protected].

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