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Fishguard to Caldicot

On the 10th – 12th July Caldicot’s Male Voice Choir will be cycling from Fishguard to Caldicot.

The cyclists are aiming to raise £10,000 for Prostate Cymru, with the bike ride just one of their fundraising efforts over the course of 2014. The journey will be ridden over three stages, with over 30 members joining at various times. Stage one will be from Fishguard to Llanelli with an overnight stay at a campsite along the Millenium Coastal Path. The next day the group will proceed the 60 miles to Brecon, covering nearly 72 miles to Caldicot on the third day.

Lyn Gauntlett from the club said: “Prostate Cymru was chosen because one of our members was diagnosed with prostate cancer and through this we learned that about one in eight men in Wales will at some point develop prostate problems (not necessarily cancerous), which means that about eight to 10 of our members are currently suffering some degree of prostate issues.

“Since we are predominantly a male organisation, we thought that it would benefit a lot of men if we could raise awareness and encourage men to get checked out.

“The disease is highly curable if caught early so we could be saving lives.

“Most women will go for cancer screening with no qualms, but try to get a Man to go to the doctor for a test is nearly impossible until symptoms are well developed and often too late for successful treatment.”

Support the team by making a donation today: https://www.justgiving.com/Caldicot-Male-Voice-Choir/

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