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Skydive With Prostate Cymru

Event: Skydive With Prostate Cymru

Costs: £50 deposit

Date Held: November 4th, 2018

Organiser: Chris Leyshon

Venue: Skydive Swansea

Contact: Chris Leyshon

Prostate Cymru are doing a team skydive on 4th November at Skydive Swansea and would love you to join us! Join members of the charity’s staff, awareness team and supporters for this adrenaline challenge.

A charity tandem skydive involves jumping out of an aircraft at around 12,000 feet whilst attached to a fully qualified instructor. A skydive involves 45 seconds of freefalling at 120mph after which the parachute is deployed to ensure a smooth and safe landing. All training and equipment is provided on the day of the skydive.

Want to take the leap for Prostate Cymru? Register directly with Skydive Swansea and choose Prostate Cymru. You will be required to pay a £50 deposit and fill in an enquiry form. Once this is complete please email us to confirm your space. We will then send you a sponsorship pack to help you with your fundraising.

The company requires you to raise a minimum of £395 by the day of your jump which covers the cost of the skydive (£230) and means that £165 of the amount will be forwarded to Prostate Cymru. If you raise more than the minimum amount, the cost of the skydive remains the same and the charity gets more money.

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