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Ewenny Arts Festival Charity Concert

A charity concert organised by Ewenny Arts Festival took place on Saturday 24th September for Prostate Cymru. Ewenny Arts Festival is a community venture responsible for a rolling programme of cultural events and aims to provide opportunities for performers from a range of musical and arts disciplines. Most events are held at the extraordinary venue of Ewenny Priory Church, a twelfth century Benedictine monastery.

The concert featured a range of musical styles including medieval pieces played on authentic early instruments, choral chamber music and popular Welsh folk music. Ewenny Chamber Choir opened the concert singing early ecclesiastic pieces in an acapella style. Pepylling Wynde, an early music group based in the South West of England, impressed the audience by playing their authentic instruments of shawms, cornetts, sackbutts, crumhorns and curtals which complemented the twelfth century venue’s acoustics. Cantorion Coety, a mixed Welsh language choir based in Coity, Bridgend, sang a variety of Welsh folk songs, traditional tunes and contemporary compositions.

A particular highlight was the final piece of the evening, Gloria by Gabrieli, in which all three ensembles performed together and utilised the venue of the Priory Church fully to provide an immersive musical experience for the audience.

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