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Luiza and Katarzyna run 100k in a day for Prostate Cymru.

Luiza Wator and her friend Katarzyna challenged themselves to run 100k in a day on the 18th April, 2021.

The grueling run took the women just over 10 hours and so far, they’ve raised an incredible £870 for Prostate Cymru.

Luiza said, “Katarzyna and I decided that we would like to set ourselves a challenge and thought it was a fantastic opportunity to raise some money for a good cause. Men are known to ignore the signs and as we both have sons we thought it was so important to help raise awareness and protect the men in our lives.”

If you’ve been inspired by Luiza and Katarzyna and would like to create your own fundraiser, click here, to be taken to our Organise An Event form.

The charity sector has been hit hard by recent events and as a result we have lost a significant amount of fundraising this year due to lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures.

People like Luiza and Katarzyna taking on challenges are a massive help and we are so grateful for their fundraisers as they help us raise the funds needed to fulfil our core aims of raising awareness and supporting treatments and improving equipment for prostate diseases.

If you’d like to sign up for one of our internal events instead, why not sign up for 5k May today by clicking here and choosing Prostate Cymru as your chosen charity.

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