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Pembrokeshire Friends of Prostate Cymru Launch Fairy Door Competition

Simon Moffett of the Pembrokeshire Friendship group created fairy doors for his grandchildren, Daf, Llew and Clara, locked down in Cardiff. It all started when Mamgu sent a picture of her front door and Simon made copies of the front doors of both their grandparent’ houses to remind the grandchildren of the welcome they represent.

“My daughter suggested I make fairy doors as the children had loved them when they saw them in Bluestone, but I had the idea to make them like ours. I just used materials and paint lying around in my shed.” When his grandchildren opened the packet all they could say was “Waw!” They decided the doors were too good to go outside so Simon has made some more!  

Ruth Webb, from Pembrokeshire Friends of Prostate Cymru (PFoPC) was inspired by Simon’s creation: “What a lovely, magical idea. I’m going to get my husband Clive to make some for our grandchildren, and let’s face it, we could all do with ‘Fairy Doors’ at the moment. The only limit is one’s imagination. I love it.”

How to get involved

Create a fairy door which reminds your grandchildren of the welcome they receive when they come to your house. This can be a drawing, knitted, wooden, baked or made with the scraps in your garden.

To enter the competition, submit an image of your creation to the: “Fairy doors for Prostate Cymru” Facebook page. PFoPC will award a prize of £100 (£50 second) will be awarded to their favourite pictures.

To donate visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/fairydoors

Fairy Doors Short Story Competition

There are more prizes in a short story competition for adults and under 12s, to be judged by Diana Powell, prize-winning West Wales author.

Only fairies can go through these doors. What does the child’s imagination see behind them?

The Fairy Door and Short Story competition are open to anybody who wants to get involved. We think it is a fabulous way to stay connected in lockdown and keep creative.

Sadly, while we are all focussed on Covid-19, prostate cancer has not gone away. Pembrokeshire Friends want to remind everyone that if you have any symptoms that are worrying you, talk to your doctor. Early diagnosis of cancers is key to giving doctors more options for treatment and a greater chance of cure.   

If you are feeling inspired by The Pembrokeshire Friendship groups efforts, why not create your own community activity or fundraiser?

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