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Prostate Cymru’s new awareness toolkit.

Awareness Toolkit

Prostate Cymru launch new toolkit for businesses to help shine a light on prostate health.

The toolkit aims to help men gain an understanding about potential warning signs and arm people with the relevant facts.

Like most charities Prostate Cymru has been hit hard by 2020 and not just financially, with awareness sessions and events being postponed or cancelled. 

Wales’ primary prostate health charity has responded to external factors with determination and a readiness to adapt.

Previously the Prostate Cymru awareness agenda has been heavily reliant on face-to-face sessions and talks taking place throughout Wales, activities that in the current climate are not possible.

Prostate Cymru have conducted a survey with local businesses that has led to the creation of an awareness toolkit created with businesses in mind.

The awareness toolkit will equip your business with the appropriate tools to educate your staff on the risks of prostate disease whilst face-to-face awareness sessions are not possible.

The Prostate Cymru, awareness toolkit is offered at no cost and will be available for businesses virtually to help educate their staff on prostate disease and cancer.

The toolkit will include:

Social Media Headers


Social Media Content


Social Stills 


Our 2-minute-long awareness video included in the pack, is an efficient educational video that will help both men and women understand the dangers of prostate disease and prostate cancer.

Speaking about the awareness video, Prostate Cymru’s Specialist Nurse, Gaynor Newton, said, “This video is a fantastic way to get the message across about the dangers of prostate disease and prostate cancer in a quick, informative way.”

She continued, “With 1 in 8 men in Wales being diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, and 60% of men over 60 having an enlarged prostate, educating men in the workplace about their prostate health is so important.”

The social media content provided is easy to use, educational and available in a variety of dimensions to suit your business.

Prostate Cymru’s Owen Pugsley said, “The awareness programme is an integral part of Prostate Cymru and Covid-19 has put a massive stress on spreading the word about prostate disease and prostate cancer. We have a fantastic awareness team consisting of seven presenters who have delivered over 1000 presentations to men and women in Wales.

This toolkit has been developed by Prostate Cymru to get the message out there and educate as many men as we can whilst they are working remotely.”

If you would be interested in using Prostate Cymru’s awareness toolkit, please contact Owen Pugsley at [email protected].

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