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Research & Innovation Grants

The Prostate Cymru research and innovation fund was launched in 2016, designed to support projects relating to prostate diseases in Welsh men.

Grants will be awarded by a panel of key urologists from health boards across Wales. The one-off grants of up to £10,000 can be used to fund small projects or act as a ‘pump priming’ grant to stimulate larger projects. Applications for grants are invited for the following categories:
Scientific and clinical research.

Innovations in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases.

Initial applications should be submitted to catherine.felton@prostatecymru.com in the format of a word document.

Applications must include the name of the applicant, contact details including email address, the category (research or innovations) and a 300-word summary of the proposed project including the hypothesised outcome of how it will help men with prostate diseases and the method of evaluation.

In addition, please include answers to the following:

• What is the proposed start date of the project?
• Is there a timeframe for the project to be completed, if not estimated time?
• What amount are you applying for within your application?
• Is this being totally funded by Prostate Cymru, if not what other means of funding is in place?
• Have you applied for funding from any other organisation/governing body?
• What is the desired outcome/benefit to patients?
• Is the project approved by your designated University Health Board, if so please provide contact details?
• In the event of the application being approved, who will be the recipient and guardian of the fund?
• Will Prostate Cymru be formally recognised as sponsors of the project?

The closing date each calendar year is 30th September.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application via email. Grants for successful applicants will be awarded in the December of application year.

Successful applicants are expected to provide the charity and its trustees a mid-point interim report and a full report on the completion of the project.

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