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Chairman’s visit to India

Prostate Cymru’s Chairman Andy Thomas visited the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital in August. The purpose of the trip, hosted by renowned Indian urologist Mahesh Desai, was to learn the aquablation technique to treat benign prostate disease ahead of a medical trial called ‘The Water Study’ due to commence in early 2016. Other professionals visiting the North Indian hospital included expert urological surgeons Claus Roehborn and Mihir Desai and sixteen representatives from Procept Biorobotics.

Aquablation is a new technique to treat benign prostate disease. The technique has several possible benefits to patients such as a shorter operating time, less sexual dysfunction and a more rapid post-operative recovery with fewer post-operative symptoms. The procedure is performed via a robotic device.

Over a period of three days, seventeen aquablation procedures were performed by the three surgeons: Andy, Claus Roehborn and Mihir Desai. Within an hour of arriving, Andy familiarised himself with the equipment and spent the rest of the first day training on computer and model simulators to practise the technique. Andy performed his first aquablation on the second day after observing another surgeon performing the procedures and performed a further five aquablation procedures on the third day of the visit. Away from the hospital, Andy enjoyed experiencing excellent Indian cuisine and music.

This visit helped to establish the standard technique for aquablation that will be used in ‘The Water Study’ next year. The medical study will be conducted in twenty centres around the world including three hospitals in the United Kingdom: The Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and Frimley Park Hospital in Guildford.

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