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GP E-Module Case Study: Dr Janine David

Janine is a GP Champion for Prostate Cymru and a supporter of the charity’s E-module.

She said: “We know that Cancer of the Prostate (CaP) is the most common cancer in men, and deaths from it are exceeding that of breast cancer in women. Men do not present to the doctor as much as women, so when they do it’s vital that we are aware and ask the right questions. For example, a recent (2017) survey of 400 GPs revealed that despite 91 per cent being aware of the increased familial risk, only 10 per cent were likely to ask men regarding family history. Similarly, for ethnicity only 50 per cent had knowledge of the doubled risk of CaP in Afro-Caribbean men, and of those that were aware of the risk only seven per cent of GPs say they discuss this with them.

“We need much more awareness among general practitioners about the risk factors associated with CaP, and GPs should be encouraged to offer PSA testing in these groups.

“Obviously, I’m well aware of the huge pressures and time constraints GPs are under, that’s why this online learning module is so good. It is user-friendly, case-based, and, gets to the learning points without vast amounts of reading.

“Men are notoriously bad at researching health or seeking advice from doctors, so when they do it is so imperative that we as physicians are mindful of the risk factors and offer testing for this increasingly prevalent cancer.”

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