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Gwynfor’s Kenyan Cycle

Gwynfor Higgins, from Swansea, took on an epic cycling challenge at the end of July for Prostate Cymru, the leading prostate health charity in Wales supporting men with benign prostate disease and prostate cancer. On 27th July Gwynfor headed to Kenya, East Africa to cycle around Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in the country and the second highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro.

Gwynfor arrived at his lodgings in Sirikoi and spent a day acclimatising to the altitude of 5,500 feet whilst surrounded with wildlife. Once acclimatised, Gwynfor began his cycle which involved travelling between villages that surrounded Mount Kenya National Park and the mountain itself. The first leg of the journey was 92km to Timau followed by a 98km stretch to Laikipia Wilderness. The legs of the journey to Mugei, Rift Valley and Lake Baringo, 124km, involved cycling up and down escarpments or long, steep clifflike slopes. Finally Gwynfor completed his cycle by riding up Mount Kenya itself to Rutundu Lodge on the northern slopes of the mountain. Gwynfor’s final destination was at a further altitude of 3307 metres from which he had acclimatised previously.

Gwynfor has been fundraising online via JustGiving.

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