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Joyce backs PC campaign

Assembly member Joyce Watson is backing a campaign to raise awareness about the symptoms and risks of prostate cancer.

At a reception at the Senedd last week (11 February), Mrs Watson was shocked to learn that prostate cancer is 17% more common in Welsh men than English men.

The Mid and West AM said:

“Prostate cancer is the commonest cancer in Welsh men. More than 550 die from the disease each year. It is vital that people are aware of the facts and recognise the symptoms.

“The risk for a Welsh man is 1 in 8; but that increases to 1 in 4 for men of Afro-Caribbean origin and 1 in 3 if a brother or the father has suffered from the disease.”

Cancer charities Prostate Cymru and Prostate Cancer UK are currently running two high-profile campaigns to highlight the risks of the most common cancer in British men.

Prostate Cymru has teamed up with the Welsh Rugby Union during the Six Nations. The ‘Best defence – know the facts’ campaign is targeting members of WRU-affiliated rugby clubs. A video will also be launched at the Wales versus Scotland match, Wales’s final fixture of the Six Nations campaign.

Prostate Cancer UK is also promoting its ‘Men United V Prostate Cancer’ campaign.

Andy Thomas, chairman of Prostate Cymru added:

“Early diagnosis, prior to the onset of symptoms, is important to detect the disease at an early stage, when cure is often possible.  If you are a Welsh man of 48 years of age or older, think about your prostate and your risk of developing prostate cancer. Consider having a prostate gland examination by your GP together with a discussion of the merits of a  prostate blood test (PSA).”

Know the facts’: http://www.prostatecymru.com/best-defence-know-the-facts/

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