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Prostate cancer has hit the headlines in 2018. In early February it was announced that deaths from prostate cancer had overtaken those of breast cancer, becoming the third biggest cancer killer in the United Kingdom. This worrying statistic sparked a conversation about the most common cancer diagnosed in men, with many people sharing their stories.

The conversation has continued through February and into March as actor and presenter Stephen Fry and journalist and presenter Bill Turnbull revealed their diagnoses. Although at different stages of the disease, Stephen having caught his prostate cancer relatively early and treated with a prostatectomy and Bill sadly at an advanced staged where the cancer has unfortunately spread to his bones, both men have been using their platform to share their experiences, encourage men to get checked and help raise awareness about the disease. At Prostate Cymru, we are wishing both Bill and Stephen all the best with their respective treatments and recovery.

Whilst many of the recent headlines can appear worrying and frightening, it is important that prostate cancer is talked about. Did you know that in Wales the risk of having prostate cancer is 1 in 8? The risk increases dramatically to 1 in 4 if you are of afro-caribbean origin and 1 in 3 if there is a family history of the disease. Early stage prostate cancer doesn’t tend to present any symptoms so it is crucial that men regularly visit their GP to get checked.

At Prostate Cymru, we encourage men to be proactive about their prostate health. We are committed to raising awareness across Wales by providing free of charge awareness sessions to workplaces, sports, rotary and social clubs and attending a number of community events.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the talks and events, whatever age, men and women. Men learn about the risk and what action to take if worried about a prostate problem, women and younger people get the vital information to pass on to family and friends. Our team of volunteers keep sessions entertaining but informative, often sharing their own personal experiences of how prostate cancer and prostate problems have affected their lives.

If you are interested in our awareness programme, please contact [email protected] for further information and to book your session.

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