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Pembrokeshire Raises £180,000 for Prostate Cymru

Since its formation in 2014, by the late Ray Williams OBE, the Pembrokeshire Friends of Prostate Cymru has gone from strength to strength raising in excess of £180,000 and also developing a prostate cancer awareness programme giving presentations throughout the county and beyond.

The showrooms of Kia’s Gravell in Narberth was the venue recently at an event where the Pembrokeshire group invited supporters who had supported the charity in the county to become “Friends”. The present committee will continue to encourage fundraising in the county, developing “awareness campaigns” and also giving advice and support to both individuals and organisations who wish to make a contribution to the general objectives of the charity.

Over 50 people were present and were given an insight into the work of both Prostate Cymru and its Pembrokeshire Friends with its secretary in the county John Daniels hosting the event.

Presentations were given by the Charity’s Founder and its Chairman, Consultant Urologist Andy Thomas, Chief Executive Tina Tew and Awareness Officer Dai John together with the nominated cancer specialist for the Pembrokeshire Friends, Neil Fenn, who is a Consultant Urologist at Morriston Hospital.

Key aspects were the awareness programme which will be seen at events throughout Wales in 2018 promoting the #savethemalesinwales campaign particularly at “The Big Breakfasts” in Pembrokeshire during November. A GP portal will be launched in January 2018 which will be available to doctors throughout Wales to assist their professional development in respect of prostate cancer. Also, “Travelling Fellowships”, in the name of the Pembrokeshire Friends founder Ray Williams OBE awarded to student doctors to study prostate cancer overseas.

Neil Fenn gave an overview of the history of the treatment of prostate cancer culminating with an insight in relation to the DaVinci Robot, which provides robotic assisted surgery at The Heath Hospital, Cardiff which has been of benefit to over 140 men from Pembrokeshire and South West Wales since its inception in 2015.

At the end of the evening Neil Fenn commented “We have been able, in Wales, to keep up with surgical developments in the treatment of prostate cancer. The use of the DaVinci robotic system ensures that patients in Pembrokeshire and West Wales in general are able to access state of the art treatment. This treatment requires specialist training which has been fully funded by the Pembrokeshire Friends of Prostate Cymru”.

If anyone wishes to know more about the work of the “Friends” and may want to join you can contact its Secretary John Daniels on 01437 769000 or by e-mail [email protected] and also visit www.prosatecymru.com

Photograph: L to R John Daniels, Judith Griffiths, Neil Fenn, Ian Gravell, Dai John (kneeling), Andy Thomas, Dai Davies, Tina Tew and Simon Moffett.

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