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Presentation Night In Maenclochog

Members of the Pembrokeshire Friends of Prostate Cymru group visited Caffi’r Sgwar in Maenclochog on the evening of Tuesday 12th February for a presentation evening involving local groups and businesses making kind donations to Prostate Cymru, the leading prostate health charity in Wales supporting men with benign prostate disease and prostate cancer. The café provided the Pembrokeshire Friends group with a wonderful warm welcome and treated them to delicious traditional cawl. Chairman Brian Harries thanked the café for their hospitality and gave a short talk about the charity and prostate issues.

Caffi’r Sgwar presented the team with a cheque for £1884.36 raised from their Big Breakfast event in November. The Big Breakfast is a fun and social event that can take place on any day in November and in 2018, thirty businesses, organisations and individuals including Caffi’r Sgwar held Big Breakfasts for Prostate Cymru. Caffi’r Sgwar held theirs on the morning of Saturday 17th November and served tea, coffee, breakfast rolls and full breakfasts to their generous customers in addition to holding a raffle with fantastic prizes.

Following Caffi’r Sgwar’s presentation, the Maenclochog Tractor Club donated the proceeds, £370, of their tractor run. The event which is held annually involves the club driving their vintage tractors around the rural village of Maenclochog which is in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains. Some of the participants had trailers attached to their tractors to involve and carry friends and family, giving the event a real community feel.

The final presentation of the evening, a donation of £100, was made by Llangolman Ploughing Society. The society is part of the Welsh Ploughing Association which was founded in 1958 and currently has 26 ploughing societies affiliated with it. Ploughing is one of the oldest crafts of the countryside. Ploughing involves turning over soil ahead of sowing seeds or growing crops. For at least a hundred years ploughing matches have been a staple of rural life and the Welsh Ploughing Association’s societies including Llangolman Ploughing Society hold regular competitions.

The Prostate Cymru team would like to extend their thanks to Caffi’r Sgwar for their hospitality and to all the groups involved for their very kind donations to the charity.

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