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Prostate Cymru Funds New Role to Enhance Robotic Surgery and Patient Care

Prostate Cymru are proud to announce we are funding the new Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP) role within Swansea Bay’s Urology team.

The appointment of Kelly Crowe as the SCP for the Urology Department further enhances the support for patients undergoing robotic surgery. 

This initiative compliments our previous investment in training surgeons on the first robotic system, reaffirming our commitment to improving prostate cancer care in Wales.

Kelly’s role is pivotal in both supporting the robotic surgery process and providing comprehensive care to patients throughout their treatment journey. 

As Matthew Jeffries said, “It is really fantastic that Prostate Cymru have been able to support us in bringing in Kelly for a really crucial part of the procedure. Without having someone in Kelly’s role, you would need two consultants taking part in procedures so Prostate Cymru’s support and Kelly’s involvement is really crucial for us.”

Kelly’s responsibilities include guiding patients through every step of the treatment process, from pre-assessment to discharge while also carrying out a vital role during surgery. 

“Currently, I’m focused on theatre work robot as it’s something we need to get up and running” said Kelly, who has worked with the health board in a wide variety of roles since 2004.

Speaking about the robot, Kelly said, “It is amazing – it is able to articulate in such a small space. The robot’s instruments are so tiny, which helps to reduce nerve damage, for example.

“It’s primarily my job to use the suction tool and the clip applicators for vessels, which are in addition to the four arms of the robot, which the surgeon operates. “

Kelly emphasised the benefits of the robotic system, “It’s far better for the patients. There’s less infection rates, less recovery time needed in hospital. It’s very good.”

Prostate Cymru Chairman and Urology Consultant, Andy Thomas, said, “We are thrilled to provide funding for the new SCP role, which we believe will make a significant difference in the lives of men battling prostate cancer.”

“Our aim is to support initiatives that directly impact patient care and improve outcomes. By investing in this crucial position, we hope to enhance the support available to men throughout their prostate cancer journey.”

“After previously funding the training of the surgeons on the first robot, we are pleased to continue supporting the Urology Department with the SCP role, and look forward to Kelly helping streamline the surgical process, provide invaluable support to patients, and ultimately make a positive impact on their overall experience and recovery.”

We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our fundraisers. Without your generous support, we would not be able to fulfil our key aims, including improving equipment and treatments in Wales through initiatives such as the Surgical Care Practitioner. 

Your contributions are essential to our mission to support men in Wales, and we are deeply thankful for your continued dedication to the cause.

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