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What’s Your PSA?

Prostate Cymru’s ‘What’s Your PSA’ campaign continues to prove its success.

Last week Prostate Cymru’s chairman, Andy Thomas appeared on ITV News to encourage men in Wales to overcome ‘ignorance and embarrassment’ and to talk to their GPs about prostate cancer.

After Andy’s interview he was approached by the ITV Wales cameraman who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer after being urged to get a PSA test by a friend. The friend in question was Wales Senior Team Manager, Alan Phillips, who had been made aware of PSA testing and its importance after our campaign with the WRU.

In 2009 Glaze, as Prostate Cymru was then called, first awareness campaign was launched -What’s Your PSA? The campaign saw the charity’s Founder Trustees Ray Murray and Andy Thomas visit the Welsh camp to talk to the players about raising awareness and educating men in Wales on the methods of diagnosing prostate cancer. The core message of the campaign was to inform men that from the age of 50 and every two years thereafter are entitled to a blood test called PSA. This test looks at the total amount of prostate specific antigen in your blood. PSA is a protein produced by normal cells in the prostate and also by prostate cancer.

Speaking about the event Prostate Cymru chairman, Andy Thomas said:

“It is great to see that the work we did with the Welsh Rugby Union is continuing to educate and save men around Wales.”

Andy Thomas added:

“Early diagnosis, prior to the onset of symptoms, is important to detect the disease at an early stage, when cure is often possible. If you are a 48 year old Welsh man or older, I urge you to think about your risk of developing prostate cancer and consider having a prostate gland examination by your GP, together with a discussion of the merits of a prostate blood test (PSA).”

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