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Workplace Wellness Talks

Wellness programs are linked to greater productivity, less absenteeism, and a reduction of long-term health care costs.

Are you doing enough to ensure the health of your workforce? Even if you don’t have the resources to implement a complete wellness program, there are several things you can do that show your employees you value their health.

As part of Prostate Cymru’s public education initiative to increase awareness of prostate disease, we are offering workplace talks to help employees learn more about healthy habits and early detection of prostate disease.

Our team of volunteers keep sessions entertaining but informative, often sharing their own personal experiences of how prostate cancer and prostate problems have affected their lives.

Men can be notoriously cagey about health issues, but knowing the facts is important. Everyone is encouraged to attend the talks, whatever age, men and women. Men, learn about the risk and what action to take if worried about a prostate problem, women and younger staff get the vital information to pass on to family and friends who need to know the facts.

By the end of the talk employees will be better able to understand the level of risk, the importance of regular health checks and the early symptoms to look out for.

If you care about the health and wellbeing of your employees, take a few minutes to read the summary below to find out how you can get involved:

What is in it for you as an employer?
Demonstrate that you care about your staff.
An opportunity to educate your workforce, taking an interest in their health and wellbeing.
Assist with achieving your corporate and social responsibility goals, via responsible business practice.

Who are the talks aimed at?
Everyone. We know that our talks have helped men identify symptoms encouraging them to speak to their GP. We also actively encourage women to attend, as they are often the driving force influencing the men in their life to take decisive action, be more aware and, if necessary, seek further medical advice.

What’s in it for your employees?
Satisfaction in knowing their employer is proactive in caring about their health
Education on general health and wellbeing
An understanding of the symptoms and dangers of prostate disease
A recommended set of actions so that men can make balanced decisions about their own health
The strong possibility of potentially saving men’s lives given early detection

What is the cost and commitment?
There is no charge for talks held within Wales.
All we ask is that the date and time of the talk is accessible to as many members of staff as possible, with every effort being made to encourage employees to attend. The best results are often when the talk is within working hours, or, if in the employees own time, that a suitable incentive is given, for example light lunch and refreshments.

We can be flexible in the timings of the presentation so that shift patterns can be accommodated with minimal disruption to your business.
From our perspective, the more attending at one session the better, with a minimum requirement of 10 and the maximum dictated by the size of your conference facility/meeting room.

Businesses are a vital source to increase awareness amongst the male population in Wales. If you are interested and wish to take advantage of these talks or would like further details, please do not hesitate contact us today by calling 029 2034 0029 or email [email protected]

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