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The Big Walk is back!

Prostate Cymru’s flagship event The Big Walk will return for 2023 and is gearing up to be one of Wales’s largest weekends of walking.

The year 2023 represents a significant milestone for Wales’s principal prostate health charity, as it not only commemorates 20 years but celebrates 10 years of arguably its most popular fundraising event, The Big Walk.

Over the 8 – 9th of July weekend, several Prostate Cymru Big Walks will take place within iconic Welsh locations.

The Vale of Glamorgan is set to host a heritage walk, paying homage to the area where the charity was founded two decades ago.

In addition, there will be a coastal walk in Pembrokeshire, a country walk in Carmarthen and a seaside walk in Aberystwyth. All routes vary in distance, meaning there is something for everyone, walkers of all ages and fitness levels.

All routes vary in distance, meaning there is something for everyone, walkers of all ages and fitness levels.

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The charity is challenging the people of Wales to embrace a weekend of walking, by either entering one of their planned walks or simply walking as many miles as they wish over that weekend in a location that works for them.

Speaking about the Big Walk, CEO Tina Tew said, “I can’t believe it has been 10 years since we first set off on the Big Walk, it has been an enormous part of our 20 years of history, giving us some fantastic memories.”

“The event has certainly evolved, we have hosted 26-mile routes starting from the Principality Stadium, finish line parties at Kenfig Hill, virtual walks during the Covid era, to more recently celebrity events. For its 10th year, we wanted to be able to offer something for everyone, we are a national charity, so being part of walks across Wales made sense.”

“I think its popularity is down to its accessibility, supporters are always looking at ways they can get behind the charity and the more high-pressure endurance events don’t always work for them. The Big Walk manages to strike the balance between offering enough of a physical challenge whilst still being an enjoyable social experience.”

“This really is a call to arms, where we are asking the people of Wales to join us on the second weekend in July, in whatever capacity works for them.”

“Recently published research highlighted the stark reality of the risk facing Welsh men, with Wales being one of the worst affected regions in the UK for late prostate cancer diagnosis.

All money raised from events such as the Big Walk goes towards helping us grow awareness and improve research and treatment for men suffering from prostate disease or cancer.”

“Every 45 minutes a man in the UK dies of prostate cancer, we always say, you have to be a very brave person indeed to ignore that fact.”

Lyn Jones, former Wales rugby player and Ambassador said, “It is no secret that I count myself as one of the lucky ones. Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020, successful treatment meant I will hopefully get many more years with my family, I know that isn’t the case for everyone.”

“I am a proud Welsh man and improving men’s health in Wales remains a commitment of mine. One way of doing this is by opening up the conversation around symptoms and testing, if me speaking out about my own experiences helps a handful of other men then it is worth it.”

“I recognise the role Prostate Cymru plays in improving prostate cancer survival rates, which is why events such as the Big Walk are so vital as they provide a much-needed platform for fundraising. My wife Helen and I will be doing our own walk in July, she is always saying we don’t take enough advantage of the beautiful walking routes in Wales, so jumped at the challenge when I mentioned it.”

Entry into the Prostate Cymru Big Walk is £25 per person. You can enter via the charities website, choosing between one of our many iconic arranged walks, and all entrants will receive a t-shirt.

As part of your £25 entry you will receive:

Breakfast Roll 

Free T-shirt

Guided Walk 

Food at the finish

If you wish to devise your own walk, you can support from anywhere by paying £10 and completing your own bespoke route.

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