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The Repair Shop

Poetry and art can be used as a way to creatively express the experiences of living with prostate cancer.

Whilst coming to terms with his recent diagnosis, Guy Oliver decided to write a poem as a creative outlet.

The Repair Shop

Strolling down the Path of Life
On one more sunshine day
I stumbled as I came across
A stranger in my way

“You shall not pass, “he said to me
“Who are you?” I replied
“PC’s the name to you my son
“I will not stand aside.”

“Your journey so far has been smooth
A rich and wholesome life
But I am here to cut it short
And deal you grief and strife.”

“It’s nothing personal,” he would add
“Your number has been drawn
It’s just my job to let you know
It’s time to feel forlorn.”

I’d heard about this guy before
From others on my way
So with a smile I said to him
“It’s not your lucky day”

“Please grab a seat, PC my friend
You might as well relax
For I come armed with Family Love 
To ward off such attacks.”

“On top of that you’ll have to deal
With something I possess 
A Band of Angels dear to me
To you, the N.H.S.”

His grin descended to a frown
He stared down at his feet
And that’s when I knew deep inside
PC was there to beat.

In desperation he looked up
I’d caught him on the hop
“I don’t think you quite understand 
You cannot make me stop”

“Well that’s where we will differ then
For I possess a plan
To fight you all the way PC
With everything I can.”

“My friends lie in the Repair Shop
Prepared and dressed in blue
To put to work their magic hands
That make you feel brand new.”

“All inner parts they’ll oil and clean
With tender loving care
Patiently removing things
That have no place in there.”

“Right now they’re dealing with a foe
That threatens Man throughout 
A War that nearly is complete
Of that there is no doubt.”

“And so you see, I’ve all I need
To counteract your strife
Not least of all the strongest will
Of my beloved wife.”

He sat there still in silent mode
He had no words to say
He then stood up and shook my hand
And bade me on my way

The moral of this tale my friends
Is that you’ll always win
When you have your N.H.S.
And love and strength within

Get yourself checked guys 
You know it makes sense.

Guy Oliver.

If you have any concerns or queries about prostate disease and prostate cancer speak to our Specialist Nurse today.

Nurses Hotline : 08000 470 200

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